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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thanks, I had a horrible time

I went to a baptism this morning where hubs and I were the godparents.  Firstly, it was a very nice baptism and we love our fiends and their son.  That being said, there was a pew for the parents and us, and it was already filled when we made our entrance with the child at the beginning of the service.  So it ended up being hubs and the parents of the baby being baptised in the correct row and I got shoved in the pew behind next to the people who wanted to be the godparents, but don't want children and are real stuck up snobs, so we were the god parents instead, yay us I guess?  Well definitely yay really.  So baptism went well and so on and so forth. 

Then went back to the friend's house for the reception.

Well from there is was the MOST AWKWARD get together I have ever been to.  The friend's families don't get along, so no one was talking to each other or even in the same room.  One family is the most pretentious snobby ass wipes I have ever seen.  The other is much nicer, but still a bit more prone to crazy.  The pretentious family has the fine china policy:  grandparents only come out for special occasions and no one wants to deal with them the rest of the year.  It was so sad to see them out, they looked so unhappy.  That family sat outside bitching about what family wasn't invited, and how they got calls from those members and the wife of pretentious saying "oh well it wasn't my place to be inviting people."  I wanted to smack that idiot upside the head so much.  May I also point out that the pretentious family didn't want their son to marry his wife, because they hated her and thought she was scum.  The pretentious daughter married a jerkwad, who live in the pretentious basement with daughter, they have very little plans to move out until they have their first house built, yes built.  This is one of those fucked up families.  Everyone left as soon as they could because they hate the friends wife so much.  They really should have had separate parties...

Most horrible afternoon in a long time.  I am sure there is more to the story to tell later but I just had to get it out of my head.

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