Don't mess with this mummy.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Time to pack.

So we are signing our new lease at a new place next Friday and I am kind of excited.  I am not super excited because it doesn't seem like a super great place, but then again we saw it on a rainy day when the walls were only primed and not painted, so hubby and I are hoping it looks better once it is finished.  I am happy that we get to be in a place of our own choosing and not out of dire need.

I hope the fact that we have to pay for hydro doesn't screw us over too bad.  I now have to do all the little stuff that is needed to move like book a truck and pack and get our insurance transferred.  I will go get things ready for packing now. Woo hoo??

Monday, April 18, 2011

And away we go...

So we are moving, we are moving within the city because this place coasts too much and we can't afford it financially or emotionally.  The emotionally because we are living in a house that a just over a block away from the house where we were living when our son died, we didn't think it was going to affect us as much as it did (duh, I know).  So we have an interview for a new place at a co-op in a part of town we love on Wednesday, my birthday, and we really need to get it.

On the topic of my birthday, I wish I could skip it, I just wish it could be postponed till I feel like it.  I know it is not going to happen and my family will bother me on the day.  Although I do know that my friends will forget, as they always do, and that always hurts.  Woo...Happy Birthday to me.....