Don't mess with this mummy.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life rolls on...

Our life rolls on, more like trudges on lately.  We are into the depressing time of year, not winter but the time of the year were our son was alive.  He was alive and healthy for 25 days, and then he was gone.  Maybe one day I will tell the entire story on here, but that is not today.

Lately it has been stressful lately for the above reason and for the fact that we have to move again as soon as possible.  Not because we don't like it here, which we do, not because it cost too much, because it does, not because we are broke, because we are, but because my parents who own the house are being posted to Trinidad and Tobago and not coming back as they were supposed to.  So we are on the hunt for a new place, it long and tedious but we will find one.  We are considering buying a place but it is so hard to find a house for under 250k, so we are even looking at mobile just for not renting anymore if we can help it.  We want land so we can have a big garden and maybe some chickens.

Small fry's terrible twos have not treated her well, it has been hell up until just a few days ago and it seems to have broken, thankfully.  She is getting so big and talkative so fast lately it is crazy.  She expresses feelings and uses adjectives and talks in full sentences, it is amazing.

My older sister is due with her son any day now, everyone is so excited.  It is her first and she had a bit of a tough bit at the beginning, but she is now full term.  Her hubby is so excited, it is hilarious, he has been like that since about 4 months along.  I can't wait.

Things will go on, life will get better, I know it.