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Thursday, July 28, 2011

It gets better

In the vein of the gay it gets better campain, I thought I would do a it gets better for SIDS parents.

In day one you think it will never stop hurting and in a way it never does stop, but it lessens greatly.
It gets better, it hurts less and you cry less I promise.

In year one everythign feels raw and exposed but I can promise by year two you will feel like the cut has closed, it is till tender but not so exposed.
It gets better bit by bit

In the time it takes to decide to have another child (if you do) it may feel like you are dishonoring their memory and that you are just replacing them but you aren't, you are mending your heart and doing thier memory a great honour by continuing to thrive and love yourself and them.
It gets better when you take care of you.

I know life at the beginning may seem impossible, but life will roll on with or without you an it is always better to be present for it, which is a present to yourself.

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  1. I am so sorry that you had to deal with this, yet so glad you came thru it seemingly stronger. Your writing is phenomenal and really conveys your emotions and thought process. Thank you so much for allowing us strangers into what you went through. It makes some of my hard times easier knowing that if THIS gets better with time, there is hope for my wounds.